Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Renee Fleming and friends in Fort Lauderdale


Until I get a chance to write an actual post, here's what I posted to the Yahoo group last night:

Well, the recital tonight was another special one. Renee wasn't as relaxed as she was in Palm
Beach, and the audience was actually worse than the Palm Beach audience. But she was really
performing for her friends--and that was a good thing. You'll see what I mean.

When I took my seat, I immediately spotted Roberta Peters and Evelyn Lear a few rows ahead
of me. After the first half of the program, just before intermission, Renee took the
microphone (she spoke into it several times throughout the recital) and said, "Back to
Mozart." She reminded us of what she'd said earlier about his 250th birthday, and she said
that her "dear friend" Evelyn Lear recently celebrated a birthday, and she's going to sing
Mozart's "Alleluja" for her. What a surprise!

The encores: "Caecilie," "O mio babbino caro", "Che il bel sogno di Doretta", and "Summertime"

Before the aria from "La Rondine," she said that she hasn't done this one in a very long time
(!), and that Roberta Peters can help her out if she forgets something (!). She was flawless of
course. It was amazing to hear her sing that again.

More at some point.

[I have notes for the stuff I haven't gotten around to updating--bear with me.]

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