Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I last heard an unamplified classical voice on June 19th (Zurich, Renee Fleming singing the words "Ich kann nicht anders werden, nimm mich wie ich bin!"), and I last heard a classical voice on June 22nd (St-Denis, Dawn Upshaw's (amplified) voice gently fading into the unbearably beautiful ending of Ayre). Not attending performances has allowed me to focus on other things in life, such as work, friends, and activities of daily living (haha).

But a couple months of that is enough. I am not well. I'm starving. I'm falling into a depression! Renee, I miss you!

My academic schedule in 2007-08 will make attending performances a bit tricky. But gosh darn it, I'll make it work. This . . . silence . . . has reminded me just how important vocal music is in my life. Recordings don't help at all; they only make me yearn for the real thing. At the moment I feel trapped in an acoustic wasteland, and without one single ticket in hand for next season, I don't see a way out...

Anyone going through a similar withdrawal?


SarahB said...

Oh, I'm going through it too. But I thought you died. Or maybe institutionalized. I'm glad you're back. Now email me. Or else.

of the kosmos said...

And I'd stupidly left my comments moderated, so I missed your hilarious comment, Sarah!

Haha, I did bid the blogosphere farewell for the summer with my last post in June, as I knew summer would be rather quiet (in more ways than one).