Friday, August 31, 2007

Better Get to Livin'

Um, Dolly Parton's new single was released on iTunes a couple days ago. Get it.

Her new CD, Backwoods Barbie, will be released in February. After some amazing bluegrass CDs (it was during her promotional tour for the stunning Little Sparrow that I "discovered" her), she's returning to "mainstream" country.

Her first official music site is here. Pending the full site's launch, there's a cool photo slide show and some of her famous quotes.

The paradox of Dolly Parton: she looks so fake, but she's soooo not. She's the real thing...her songwriting, her singing, even her shtick, which always rings true.

Oh, Dolly. I'm just a little happier knowing that you're around and livin'.


SarahB said...

Oh, I got it all right but this is as much "paradox" as we get after waiting all of this time? You didn't tell me anything new. Dolly was my first diva - I've loved her since I was ten years old. I can pinpoint the exact date (well, the exact year) and an approximation of the location when I heard "Here You Come Again" and Dolly has come again and again and I will always welcome whatever she has to give me. Now, she'll give us "9 to 5, The Musical" in 2009 - it won't be her but knowing Dolly, her heart and soul that she always shares is sure to be there on Broadway as well.

of the kosmos said...

Yes I'm excited about the Broadway show. Thanks for sharing your story!

I had so much to say in November of 2005 (including a concert review), and February of 2006, but I never got around to it...oh well.

opera chic said...

i can't even begin to tell you how much i have always <3d dolly.