Monday, December 18, 2006

Don Carlo at the Met

Tonight I attended the fifth (no, not my fifth) performance of the Met's current revival of Don Carlo. James Levine conducted. This was my first time seeing him conduct since his injury. Olga Borodina, Johan Botha, Dmitri Hvorostovky, Rene Pape, Patricia Racette, and Samuel Ramey sang. They sang extremely well. The Metropolitan Opera orchestra played and the Metropolitan Opera chorus sang. Extremely well. I sat in orchestra prime, fourth row center. I saw extremely well. Following the performance, I met all six principals at the stage door. All six singers were smiling and in a great mood. They all autographed my program, and I photographed them. The photos came out extremely well.

Really, is there anything more to say?

Happy to be back in the States for a bit.

Update: Check out the photos!


Opera Chic said...

LUCKY! Tell us more! MORE MORE!

of the kosmos said...

Yes, Opera Chic, I was being kind of lame. Thanks for the encouragement--I'll write some thoughts and post some photos on Friday!

Olga said...

i saw and loved just as much the same performance of "don carlo" (actually i came to n.y.c. just in order to attend it, freaky, i know) and, thus, greatly appreciate the photos - thank you!

i must admit, i'm glad i'm not on them as i was too in front of the stage door! :) however, borodina and ildar's friends asked us for a lighter and we gave up on the autograph :) so that might explain it!

do you happen to have any more photos?

thank you again!