Saturday, September 30, 2006

What I found today

So, I decided to take an early evening stroll. Walked up Saint-Michel, crossed into Ile-de-la-Cite, followed the Seine for a little while, and ended up at the Louvre. Contemplated sitting at the pyramids for a while, but I heard Mozart. Somewhere, a coloratura soprano was singing "Der Hölle Rache." I followed the sound and found a young woman singing in Cour Carree. She was holding a clever little electronic device that played her accompaniment. She sang a few songs and arias, and during her encore of "Der Hölle Rache"--this time, with stunning ornaments--rain poured down on the palace and thunder and lightening cast a foreboding backdrop. My video of that didn't turn out too well, so here is the second half of Olympia's "Doll Song." Listen for the gorgeous high G near the end!

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jeff said...

Brava!!!!!!!! what a beautiful voice!!!!!!!