Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Old Style

I have deleted my Facebook and MySpace accounts. I just don't like where we're headed. Communication has become thin and lame. I have no interest in meeting people who for me exist only in these virtual realms. And if my good friends feel that these online meat markets are an appropriate way to contact me, I'd like them to rethink contacting me.

In other news, I am in Paris. I took a full two days to recover from jet lag. While I will be studying here during the year, in this blog I will report on performances and other things of interest.

In a previous post I erroneously stated that today's Lucia will be my first classical performance since the Volpe gala. I actually attended Opera Boston's Angels in America in June. I found both the opera and the production to be forgettable (apparently so . . .).

Also, as it turns out, my first classical performance of the season came a couple days sooner. On Wednesday night, while checking the Theatre des Champs-Elysees's web site for the on sale date of Cecilia Bartoli's December concert, I noticed that William Christie was to conduct his Les Arts Florissants in one performance of Mozart's Idomeneo, so I bought a ticket. It was a solid, assured, and satisfying performance on a rather intimate scale. The singers and chorus members were directed on stage, so there was a dramatic aspect not usually found in concert performances of opera.

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