Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Classy

Check this out:

I saw it on TV last night. Anyone know the music? I don't recognize it.

UPDATE: OK, so it's "Stride la vampa" from Trovatore

In other news - I have an extra ticket to Chris Botti's concert here in Boston on Friday. He's performing with the Boston Pops under Keith Lockhart, and special guests are Sting, Steven Tyler and Yo-Yo Ma. Surprise guests are anticipated as well.

I messed up - I meant to buy a ticket for Thursday's concert, but selected the wrong date. On Friday I'm seeing Sigur Rós.


Lisa Hirsch said...

I am occasionally tone-deaf in print, so I must ask whether you're joking about not recognizing the music.

of the kosmos said...

Nope, I seriously didn't - I later discovered it was "Stride la vampa" from Trovatore. As some of my readers know, I don't listen to opera recordings, and I somehow managed thirteen seasons of opera-going without a Trovatore. I will finally see it at the Met this spring, however!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ah, that explains how this particular aria got past you. Trovatore is lots of fun! You'll enjoy it, and the mezzo will be less wobbly than the one in that commercial. If you prepare, the Mehta is about as good as it gets in recordings.

of the kosmos said...

Thanks for the tip! I know it's often cited as *the* example of a terrible plot that's rescued by glorious melodies.

Yup, no less than Dolora Zajick. I'm psyched about this new David McVicar production, and the rest of the cast is ridonkulous: Sonda Radvanovsky, Marcelo Alvarez, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and Kwangchul Youn.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Nice cast!