Friday, October 12, 2007

Drew Faust's Inauguration at Harvard

So, we have a new president. At the inauguration, the use of African and Indian music was very welcome, and Simon Estes gave a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace." I enjoyed watching Toni Morrison on the stage. People don't talk about this enough, but her preternaturally striking and unforgettable face, like Beckett's, is as interesting as her prodigious oeuvre. I missed her reading yesterday, but of course I was there at the Louvre about a year ago, where she first read from the novel she's currently writing (still "very, very, very much in progress").

Faust delivered a well-written [brb]


SarahB said...

But I hope that President Faust won't be tempted. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Faust the 10th person in line to become President? All the other candidates before her turned down the job. I don't think she will make a good President at all.