Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Blog: Afternoon Concert

A Harvard undergrad, WHRB announcer: Afternoon Concert


rhapsody407 said...

Haha, I've been checking back to see when you'd complete your post on Pavarotti. Oh well ;).

Hey, I found this little quip about Golijov at Ionarts, thought it was pretty funny. Don't worry, it hasn't caused me to pre-judge Golijov at all.

Written on the subject of terrible pieces with great titles:

"Osvaldo Golijov, Oceana. As a big fan of Pablo Neruda's poetry, I so wanted to like this, but it only reinforced my misgivings about Golijov. He is good at catchy rhythms and evocative colors, but after one hearing, which was pleasant enough, I find little reason to return. 'Oceana! Oceana! Oce! Oce! cea! cea! ana! ana!' Next."

I vaguely recall saying something like that about Philip Glass. And thanks for the plug!

of the kosmos said...

I'm still working on the Pavarotti post - I'll finish it just as soon as I finish this paper...don't expect much though...

Now I'm curious to open my "Oceana" CD...don't you know, most of my CDs and DVDs purchased in the last few years remain in their shrink wrapping.

rhapsody407 said...

Well, the wrapping does have the greatest influence on price; from a collector's standpoint at least.