Friday, March 16, 2007

James Kotecki

This young political analyst and commentator is doing some amazing things. He observed that the 2008 presidential race will be the first in which online videos--specifically, YouTube--will have a role to play. Very early in the game, he started offering commentary to the candidates via responses to their videos on YouTube. After a couple months of puzzlement and frustration, during which Kotecki remarked that he had received not a single video response from a candidate, on March 16th Dennis Kucinich uploaded a direct reply to Kotecki's analysis of Kucinich's Youtube channel. In Kotecki's words, "Today, Congressman Dennis Kucinich made history as the first American Presidential candidate to engage in a real video dialog using YouTube."

Kotecki's substantive, accurate and concise commentary, combined with his corny but infectious sense of humor, makes him a refreshing and most welcome presence in the messy sea of online videos. It will be fun to watch him as the race continues.

Check him out:


Hi, I'm James. said...

"corny but infectious sense of humor" - now that's the kind of compliment I like to receive!

Seriously, thanks for blogging about me in such a complimentary way. Much appreciated!


of the kosmos said...

No problem--thanks for reading, and thanks for what you're doing!