Thursday, May 11, 2006

Three sopranos, a tenor, a countertenor, and a bubble boy

I would have posted sooner, but it's reading period at Harvard and, while I haven't exactly been reading, I've been very preoccupied gathering course notes in preparation for final exams and collecting research for term papers. Also, I have been cleaning my place (a major task) and catching up on sleep.

Though I never really posted on my previous trip to the Met, which took place four weeks prior to my most recent trip of May 5-7, I figured I would just go ahead and write about the weekend I spent attending Tosca with Deborah Voigt, Rodelinda with Renee Fleming, and Lohengrin with Karita Mattila. Make no mistake: each was the star of her production. The image above, taken from the inside cover of a Met subcription brochure postmarked April 25, 2005, attests to that. (These are the things you find when you're cleaning.) Interestingly, we see Renee and Karita in photos from the very productions I saw.

On Monday the 1st, I learned that I would happen to be in New York during David Blaine's spherical immersion. Unlike other music lovers (see here and here), I'm something of a believer. More on that later.

In a nutshell, I was significantly disappointed by Voigt's Tosca and the whole show in general; I was pleased with Renee's performance but for me it was really Scholl's afternoon; and, while Karita's Elsa was truly something to behold (despite the frequent absence that evening of her trademark shimmer), it was Klaus Florian Vogt who really floored me.

More details to come. In the meantime, here are some photos. (You need to click on the photos to see the full-size versions.)

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