Friday, February 03, 2006

Ich bin bereit, Tetrarch

Deborah Voigt as Salome in an announcement for Lyric Opera of Chicago's 2006-07 season. As ever, click image for larger.

Debbie, you lost all that weight and you look gorgeous. I was there on your birthday in 2001--three years before the operation--when you sang your first Salome on a rainy night in the Berkshires. You made your entrance, and the audience, too immature to handle your size, giggled. (They also laughed at Salome's determination for the head, marked by the repeated command, "Give me the head of Jokanaan." Ah, the disadvantages of projected titles.)

From the looks of it, you're quite ready to take it to the stage. Whether the world is ready for what you've got to show, we'll see come November. But my guess is they won't be laughing.

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